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New products

These chocolate covered jellies come in a variety of flavours: strawberry, cherry, lemon, peach. Each jelly is slightly tart, not too sweet and covered with a rich dark chocolate which makes these a favourite for everyone. What is more you can find a famous Cracovian children's song inside our musical box- One Man from Krakow, which can be a great idea for a gift or a travel souvenir.

We are still expanding our offer of vegan products. Except  dumplings without any meat additives, there are now available vegan pates from green and red lentils. Our pate do not contain any additions as preservatives or monosodium glutamate. We would like to offer our customers very simple and easy to read composition which can help to make a conscious shopping choice.

We are happy to inform that high-quality gluten-free cold cuts are now available in our offer. You can find special packed gluten-free: pork ham, frankfurters and kabanos sausages made with 160 g of pork meat per 100 g of finished product. These products do not contain any glutamate (MSG).

New lyophilized cranberry is a great combination of sour cranberries and dark chocolate enriched of natural fruit powder. Our crunchy freeze dried cranberry are definitely a sweet temptation even for those who do not like sweets.

Delicious hand-baked cookies made on real butter from a small pastry shop located in Malopolska province. Our full of aroma cookies of rectangle shapes and strong cocoa flavours, sprinkled with candied orange peel are perfect match for a morning coffee or afternoon tea.

We have created a new fresh beverages for coming Summer season: Raspberry, Ginger and  Blackcurrant flavored lemonades. Our sweet and sour lemonades are made of organic fruit juices, water and cane sugar. Produced from fruits collected from organic fields located far away from industrial areas, where there no used to spray plants. It is really worth trying!

Introducing our perfect match: chocolate with almonds! Sweet rings of dark chocolate with salty almonds are a dream team because they complement each other almost perfectly. The chocolate does not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa butter. Perfect idea for coffee or glass of semi-dry wine.

Noble taste of roasted almonds complemented with fine chocolate is a sweet temptation you can not refuse.  We recommend our chocolate covered almonds as a sweet snack, due to the fact that our chocolate does contain only cocoa butter. It  is worth mentioning, because the cheaper chocolate products in addition to cocoa butter often contain also other vegetable fats.

We made 100% organic blackcurrant sauce from organic blackcurrant juice and organic cane sugar. It can be a tasty idea as a sweet addition especially to ice cream, cakes or desserts due to high content of blackcurrant juice which has sweet and sour flavour. You can also add our sauce to enrich your meat dishes. Then add four spoons of red dry wine or balsamic vinegar and heat together in small skillet.

Pears and apples covered with delicious dessert chocolate may be a perfect idea as a sweet addition to coffee, tea or wine. Chocolate which covered fruits contains over 60% cocoa butter without any palm oil.

We recommend our newest grated beetroots with caraway and garlic as a quick and tasty addition for meals. This product does not contain vinegar or any preservatives.

You can try our newest elderflower syrup as a great alternative for others traditional fruit syrups. We recommend especially in addition to fresh drinks and teas due to own sweet and sour flavour. Our syrups do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and glucose-fructose syrup.


High quality tea straight from Ceylon packed in an adorable violet tin. Extremely aromatic black tea leaves F.B.O.P. class with lavender flowers and wild bergamot.

An exquisite set of 4 ground coffees (100% Arabica) from the four different corners of the world. Our 4-pack includes: expressive flavour coffee from India, velvet flavour coffee with a hint of chocolate from Brasil, mild flavour coffee with a hint of tropical fruits and flowers from Ethiopia and full of aroma coffee from Salwador. A real coffee connoisseur will enjoy these combinations!

Chocolate truffles are a great gift idea for someone we want to feel special. Exceptional, elegant packaging and unique taste make it a well chosen gift.

Delicious chocolates made of dark chocolate with toppings. The chocolate does not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa butter.

Halva can make you feel great. Thanks to sesame, it is a source of many vitamins. Carbohydrates guarantee good mood, especially if we consider that the halva has less calories than the chocolate, perceived by many as the best way to lift one’s mood.

Chocolate is the most exquisite product in the sweets category, of course under the condition that it is made solely from cocoa butter, like our Art Deco chocolate. Delicious, hand-made chocolate, comprising white, milk and dark chocolate in one bar – it is a dream come true for many sweet teeth.

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable for a balanced diet. Extracted from fresh fruit, juice is a perfect supplement for daily nutrient requirements, especially vitamins. The fibre content in apple juice positively influences our metabolism and helps maintain the right blood cholesterol levels, thanks to pectins from apples. It is good to drink organic fruit juices, as they guarantee that we consume a whole, highest quality product.

Fish can be a good source of vitamins A and D and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Cod livers in own juice coming from pure Icelandic fisheries are extremely interesting in taste. Interesting combination of flavors will also provide Mackerel with sun-dried tomatoes and wild garlic,Trout fillet with basil or exquisite Smoked eel in oil.

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